About Us


TheVeganHut is an ethical, sustainable, vegan start-up endeavor for animal welfare in the UK, started by a group of vegan animal activists.

 Our venture sprouted from the simple idea of providing vegans a common source for whatever they want or need- from vegan or vegan-friendly

restaurants to vegan clothing and shoes, pet food, cakes/chocolates/goodies/energy bites, art, cosmetics, etc.  Sellers who represent a cottage

industry will be given our helping hands within the constraints and rules allowable by law. 

We call this the “One Stop Super Store for Vegans”.  We would like to make this journey with you for the animals and the rest of the universe. 

Your support and blessings are needed to achieve an important common goal.  Each product that you order saves the lives of animals!

TheVeganHut is launching soon with vegan restaurants online ordering (starting in the London & Bristol area, then opening to the UK, nationwide



                                                                                 Vegan for the animals!